The Best of British talent in Digital Health that’s ready to go global! #DIT100

MyWay Digital Health has been selected to be part of the DIT top 100 healthcare companies for export. Healthcare UK, part of the Department for International Trade, has invested significant effort to identify, engage with and showcase some of the UK’s leading talent, which will grow over time.

The ‘First 100 companies’ were selected after a rigorous process based on a range of criteria including how committed they were to export and international expansion, the global uniqueness of their innovation, a track-record of working collaboratively with Healthcare UK, their responsiveness, and how well they represent the UK journey and direction in digital health, particularly with the NHS.

The list will be reviewed and maintained regularly and released formally twice a year. However, the picture of talent and innovation in the UK is a fast evolving one with new pioneers emerging daily.

MyWay Digital Health delivers award winning solutions with a key focus on diabetes, long term conditions and public health. Transformative care is enabled through evidence based, data-driven, scalable and affordable platforms, which provide tailored knowledge, advice and data predictions to patients, and health care professionals. MWDH runs large regional integrated platforms for clinicians and patients, which can easily be scaled to national level; supporting through data-driven automated advice, analytics, and education. Improving care, saving lives, and saving money.

MWDH are active outside the UK in Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and India amongst others. The MyWay Diabetes platform currently serves people with diabetes in about 30% of the CCGs in NHS England.

“I am delighted that Healthcare UK has developed this playbook for some of the best British innovation in digital health and care. They have been instrumental in some incredibly exciting technology-based initiatives, which have supported us through Covid and also the largest transformation in Europe in both the public and private sector. Many of these firms are working closely with our National Health Service (NHS) making a huge difference to treatment, prevention and care across our whole population. They represent immense promise and potential and many are already collaborating on a global scale.” – Noel Gordon, Chair, Healthcare UK, NHS.