Dexcom proudly announced their gold sponsorship with MyWay Digital Health for our type 1 diabetes open online courses in February 2024.

Dexcom UK and Ireland develops and markets real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rtCGM) Systems for people living with diabetes on insulin. The company is a leader in transforming diabetes care and management through rtCGM technology.

Since 2020, MyWay Digital Health has been offering free online courses, aiding individuals globally to enhance their knowledge and awareness of living with diabetes. To date, thousands of participants have enrolled onto one of these courses. MyWay Digital Health are thrilled to have partnered with Dexcom to expand the reach and promotion of these valuable educational programmes.

Dexcom enhance the marketing and awareness efforts for these courses by leveraging their network, including their ‘Dexcom Warrior’ community, while also offering insights into how their devices can assist individuals managing type 1 diabetes. MyWay Digital Health eagerly anticipates the success of the ongoing collaboration throughout the year and hope for positive outcomes.

The second upcoming type 1 course, “Type 1 and Tech”, will commence on April 24, 2024, and registration is currently open. A free course dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to know about type 1 technology including continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pump therapy, hybrid closed loop and much more. The course also features live Q&A sessions led by a panel of diabetes specialists, including a Dexcom expert, ensuring participants can have any type 1 related questioned answered.

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