MyWay Digital Health

Delivering transformative diabetes care globally through affordable population-based solutions. Providing data-driven knowledge and advice to patients, and health care professionals.

Improving care, saving lives and saving money.

MyWay Digital Health:

  • Supports practitioners, healthcare organisations and payors through intelligent, integrated patient management/ analytical IT systems for diabetes and other chronic conditions
  • Helps patients manage their own condition through innovative user-centric digital health solutions


We deliver innovative:

  • Clinician facing eHR/ decision support systems
  • Data-driven patient self-management and education solutions
  • Population analytics and risk prediction platforms

The Award winning MyDiabetesMyWay (MDMW) patient platform has provided education support to over 500,000 people with over 60,000  full data access registrants. MDMW has national coverage in NHS Scotland, has demonstrating a 5:1 ROI, and has been widely implement in other UK regions under regional branding, e.g. Manchester Diabetes My Way, Know Diabetes (North West London), Somerset My Diabetes, Cheshire and Merseyside, Lancashire and South Cumbria. MWDH also run the national NHS England platform, and are rolling out solutions in the Middle East,  USA and India.

MyDiabetesMyWay, MyWayClinical and MyWayIQ all carry the CE mark.     


Improvements in guideline compliance, system efficiency, data transparency, patient knowledge, motivation, remote care delivery, health outcomes

Reductions in complications and cost of healthcare delivery


MWDH team have several decades of experience in:

  • Clinical care
  • Informatics- including national systems development
  • Data integration
  • Digital health service delivery
  • Education delivery
  • Research


Our goal is to transform diabetes care globally through low cost population-based solutions that deliver data-driven knowledge and advice to patients and health care professionals thereby improving care, saving lives and saving money.

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Picture of computer with My Diabetes My Way Website displayed on screen.

My Diabetes My Way is our flagship product (Know Diabetes (North West London, Manchester Diabetes My WaySomerset My Diabetes). It is a multi-award winning online self-management platform for people with diabetes. It has links over 200 peer-reviewed multi-media educational and e-learning resources as well as containing:

Electronic health record access

Patient self-management decision support with data-driven tailored advice

Personalised care planning documents

Personalised care quality reporting

Patient goal-setting tools

Communication tools using secure messaging and peer discussion groups

Remote glucose monitoring data linkage

External social media channels

Responsive and accessible web/mobile platform design

Smartphone app

Awards and Partners

MyWay Digital Health is multi-award winning and is being supported by a number of organisations.