We’re delighted to announce our partnership with the NWL NHS on a project to tackle the health burden of diabetes using AI-powered clinical decision tools. These innovative new tools will help clinicians and patients make better-informed decisions around the management and treatment of diabetes.

This project, led by North West London Health and Care Partnership, aims to develop and test data-driven end-user tools that deliver better information visualisation and decision support directly to front-line clinicians and patients. Specifically, it will test the use of risk prediction, powered by a machine learning algorithm, to catalyse change around early intervention, both in terms of medical management and patient self-management.

The team will adapt computer-generated predictions developed by MyWay Digital Health in a Scottish population, to the ethnically diverse North West London population, where type 2 diabetes represents a large part of the disease and cost burden of healthcare.

The hope is that these new digital tools will take steps towards:

  • Supporting people with diabetes with self-management
  • Supporting clinicians to make better-informed health decisions when and supporting patients with type 2 diabetes
  • Reducing A&E and hospital admissions because of preventable conditions and
  • reducing NHS spend.

Evidence demonstrates that through assessing the risk of complications and providing targeted and early interventions to those at highest risk can reduce mortality, complications, and hospital admissions.

This project is led by North West London Health and Care Partnership, in partnership with five other organisations; MyWay DigitalHealth, Imperial College Health Partners, AstraZeneca, the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare Trust.