MyWay Digital Health Limited, Edinburgh, Scotland – January 16, 2022 – a digital medical technology company focused on commercialising MyWay Diabetes & MyWay Clinical digital platforms for people with diabetes and clinicians today announced the appointment of Chris Avery as CCO, effective December 6, 2021. Chris Avery joins the board of MyWay Digital Health as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). He will support the global business & operational management, focusing on strategic business marketing plans, leading partnership development, national & regional implementation activities and supporting investor activities.

A seasoned healthcare senior executive Chris Avery has over 37 years in the medical device industry with a particular focus on diabetes, with a proven track record of building successful organisations from start-ups to large MedTech corporations within the UK and across Europe. He brings a breath of knowledge including developing and launching some of the very first blood glucose systems in the 1980’s before progressing his career in commercial and leadership roles within Lifecan and then a founder of a UK medical device distribution company, launching the Home Diagnostics Inc. (HDI) blood glucose monitoring portfolio and Animas Insulin Pumps. Following acquisitions initially by HDI and then Nipro Medical, Chris then led the expansion in EMEA markets through direct in country business units and established distribution networks serving as Managing Director, driving increased market penetration and attaining market leader status in many regions.

“We are pleased to welcome Chris to the board at MyWay Digital Health as he brings extensive commercial & management experience combined with knowledge of the international markets and an ability to implement medical devices at scale” commented MyWay Digital Health, CEO Dr. Debbie Wake.




Company Background 

MyWay Digital Health (MWDH) is a University of Dundee spin-out company set up by Dr Debbie Wake (CEO/CMO) and Dr Scott Cunningham (CTO) who have designed and developed diabetes management solutions and evaluated diabetes data in health care for over 20 years, including leading the development of national diabetes platforms in Scotland. The company aims to make the digital tools and platforms available to people with diabetes, clinicians and other healthcare professionals globally. The goal of MWDH is to use data-driven advice to help patients manage their own condition and to support clinicians and other health care professionals as they care for people with diabetes. The MyWay platforms have a strong evidence base, having demonstrated significant improvements in clinical outcomes and a 5:1 return on investment. MyWay Digital Health data-driven approaches utilising machine learning and artificial intelligence have the potential to transform many areas of diabetes care such as diagnostic support, precision medicine approaches through predictions of drug response and more appropriate triage of patients based on short and long term complications risk. MWDH has deployed regionally in UK in Somerset, Greater Manchester, Cheshire & Merseyside, Lancashire & South Cumbria, NW London & NE London covering approx. 20% of NHSE population of PwD and 28% of CCG’s. MWDH also run the national NHSE platform and are now launching new services with partners in Q1 2022 in Middle East and Malaysia from their Dubai office.


Diabetes prevalence is rising rapidly (currently affecting ~10% of people globally) with significant associated health costs (~13% NHS budget; £1.5m/ hour). 80% of costs are due to complications (like heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, blindness). The majority are preventable through better clinician evidence-based management and patient self-management [1]. Despite clear evidence for pre-emptive personalised approaches, care remains suboptimal, and outcomes poor [2]. There is significant potential for scaling of digital solutions into a rapidly growing global marketplace, boosting the UK economy and in doing so supporting high value employment growth. The global digital health market totals $206 billion, and by 2025 is expected to reach $509 billion. CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is 27.7% [4]. In the UK alone, 30% of the £4bn UK digital health budget is spent on chronic disease management solutions [5,6]. The rising diabetes epidemic (affecting 9-10% global population/costing ~£500bn per year [7]) is a major driver for improving efficiency and care provision.



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