MyWay Digital Health, Edinburgh, Scotland – 21st March, 2023

Muslim people with diabetes who wish to fast during Ramadan are at increased risk of health complications that can be avoided by good diabetes self-management education. However, many people with diabetes and healthcare professionals lack awareness of these issues.    

The education team at MyWay Digital Health, in partnership with the Diabetes and Ramadan International Alliance, set out to improve Diabetes and Ramadan awareness and understanding leading to better outcomes, through completely FREE and open online courses; one for people with diabetes and one for healthcare professionals. These have attracted over 1350 registrants to date (21 March 23).  

The courses were designed with a wide stakeholder group including Muslim people with diabetes and healthcare professionals, delivered in 3 languages (English, Arabic and Malay) and include videos of people with lived experience, culturally relevant dietary advice including meal plans for Suhoor and Iftar and live question and answer sessions with expert healthcare professionals.   

The courses attracted media attention including coverage in The National, television coverage by STV News and ‘That’s TV’ and local community radio coverage. In the video below, Bilal, a Muslim person with type 1 diabetes, shares his experience with STV News.   


Diabetes and Ramadan launched for 2023 on 7th March and will run throughout Ramadan until 24th April 2023. The courses are available at