We’re honoured to be a finalist for theScottish Innovation of the Year at the Scottish SME Business Awards 2019 that are taking place tonight in Glasgow. The Scottish SME Business Awards 2019 provide a platform to shine the spotlight on the businesses that have made a positive difference in the market they operate within and have enjoyed growth as a result.

Creative Oceanic launched the SME Business Awards in Scotland three years ago. The Welsh and Irish SME Business Awards have all been successfully established over the years, increasing the brand’s national appeal and recognition.

A Spokesperson for the Scottish SME Business Awards 2019 said:” The awards will celebrate the most dedicated SME business professionals that have stood out from the crowd and have shown great entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

“SME businesses play a vital role in Scotland’s economy and we feel that it is of great importance to recognise the drive and commitment of the individuals and organisations who-although the difficulties- have established a profitable business.