MyWay Digital Health (MWDH)
Analytics Web App

MyWay Analytics Web App can support: 

1 ) Key Performance Indicator tracking

  • Supporting local and national audit

2) Predictive Analytics, and Symptom Scoring at individual and population level around key health areas including:

  • Complications prediction
  • Mortality prediction
  • Hospitalisation prediction
  • Mental health scoring
  • Wellbeing scoring
  • Diagnostic support

Predicted Future Risk

3) NHS Health Checks:

MyWay Analytics can support the NHS Health Check through:


  • Simple online form completion to gather patient entered data,
  • Automatic data linkage with GP practice systems

Or a combination of both

“We recognising that outputs from risk prediction algorithms improve with the input of more clinical parameters. We use existing data integrations with primary care system to auto-populate data fields where their GP record has information, leaving the citizen/ clinician to ‘fill in the gaps’ and hence get a more complete risk profile”


  • Individual Risk Calculation and Disease Scoring linking to:
    • Tailored online information for patients around risk reduction,
    • Signpost to local services
    • GP/ health care professional reporting

  • Population Risk Profiling
    • enabling triage of entire populations with banded levels and drill down to individual patient list to enable targeted early intervention.