Award-winning online self-management platform giving people with diabetes secure access to their own medical records and home recorded data together with tailored information, advice and multimedia education resource access.


Comprehensive diabetes education site containing 200+ peer-reviewed resources and QISMET certificated structured eLearning courses with regional customisation linking to local services.


A Clinician Platform integrating data from across the NHS to provide a complete diabetes electronic health record (NHS and home recorded data) to support patient care with decision support/ alerting, business intelligence, performance reporting, and optional linked functionality with MyDiabetesMyWay to support patient self-management.


An artificial intelligence (AI) platform supporting ‘big data’ type analysis and modelling to support both clinician treatment and patient self-management through intelligence-driven decision support in areas ranging from drug prescribing through to complications predictions. (In development)


Advice and help on all aspects of digital health data, software, services and solutions, from local, regional to national provision.