MyWay COVID 19 Response

MyWay Digital Health are here to support diabetes care delivery during the COVID outbreak.

MyWay Digital Health: COVID19

MyWay Digital Health (MWDH) are here to support diabetes care delivery during the COVID outbreak. People with diabetes are at increased risk of poor outcomes if infected by COVID-19. Routine diabetes care is being deferred and there is a huge risk of deterioration in diabetes outcomes due to lack of monitoring, education and complications screening during this period. MWDH can provide low-cost patient and clinician facing solutions to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on diabetes outcomes.

COVID-19 Offers:

FREE Open Access eLearning Course

Rapid deployment of 2 day online courses to deliver education across large catchment areas – both Type 1 and Type 2 courses available – More details

MyWay Education- NHS (UK) and INTERNATIONAL rapid deployments

Low cost, locally branded full QISMET structured education AND advice platform for type 1, type 2, diabetes prevention and gestational diabetes patients (rapid deployment in 3-5 days)– More details

MyWay Diabetes

Patient-facing providing information, eLearning and access to diabetes data via intuitive dashboards; evidence based/cost saving self-management platform aligned with LTP– More details

MyWay Clinical

Clinician-facing full diabetes EHR and population management system includes Guideline adherence, population health management and remote patient monitoring/secure messaging– More details

MyWay IQ

Risk stratification and patient prioritisation tool; predicting all major diabetes complications and care deterioration e.g. during COVID care deferred– More details

Understanding Type 1 and/or Type 2 Diabetes- online courses

A free online 2 day education courses can be delivered with just 6 weeks lead time on “Understanding Type 1 Diabetes” and/or “Understanding Type 2 Diabetes” can be set up and delivered by the @MyDiabetesMyWay and @MyWayDigital team. This is aimed at people with diabetes and carers or family but may also be useful for healthcare professionals. For more information…
Participants can join the course anytime during the day, complete the course materials and interact with other people with diabetes and diabetes specialist clinicians. Participants will receive certification on completion. The team also be run live Facebook/tweet chats during the early evening to answer questions.
The delivered course is led by Dr Debbie Wake and supported by other qualified healthcare professionals from around the UK. This aims to primarily support educational needs of patients during COVID, at a time when face to face provision is difficult.
Feedback from and evaluation of these courses is very positive.

More information and signup form #understandingtype2

MyDiabetes Education- rapid deployment COVID19 offer

MyDiabetes Education:

A very low cost (around 12-25 p /cents per year per person), public health advice and fully moderated education platform >200 educational resources and for people with type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes including QISMET accredited structured education, to deliver ongoing at home support for people with diabetes who are otherwise at very high risk of poor outcomes, and are unable to access any face to face chronic disease management care and support during COVID shut down. We can deploy in 3-5 days. Self-service for patients: requires no health care professional input.

For UK/ NHS organisations see offer here

MyWay Diabetes – self-management/remote care during COVID19

Full diabetes self-management platform (MyDiabetesMyWay (MDMW) based on diabetes data from clinical records – ) including remote data input (e.g. glucose, activity data, weight, BP) leading to automated self-management and treatment advice for patients.
Available now where capacity exists for implementation. As well as being aligned with the NHS LTP this platform is ideal to form the backbone of a planned release of restrictions whilst safely caring for those with diabetes. Patient Initiated Follow Up pathway templates have been developed.

MyWay Clinical- COVID19 remote care and risk stratification

Diabetes electronic health record, decision support platform and clinical-patient remote monitoring and secure messaging platform – can includes diabetes predictive analytics platform (MyDiabetes IQ) to support risk stratification of individual patients and diabetes populations to identify those at high risk of deterioration e.g. due to acute complications/ hospitalisation. This is necessary due to reduce chronic disease care being offered during COVID/and supports allocation of limited resources (and potential face to face appointments) to those in most need.
With remote clinics and reviews now the main mode of care delivery this platform enables scarce capacity to be targeted and to remotely care for those who need less intensive support.

MyWay IQ- COVID19 risk predication/patient prioritisation

Predictive analytics platform enabling prediction of acute and chronic complications of diabetes/ hospitalisation/ mortality at individual and population level, supporting risk stratification, enabling prioritisation of allocation of care resource/ face to face appointments, to reduce deterioration in outcomes and linked clinical decision support to enable evidence based- care delivery.

Other Services:

MyWay Digital Health also offers platforms to support i) remote communication between patients and health care professionals, ii) remote home data upload, iii) eHR linked data-driven automated advice and health record access iv) individual care recommendations for patients and clinicians, and iv) population analytics delivering KPIs and risk predictions. These systems enable patient stratification, drives improved care outcomes, self-management, system efficiencies and cost savings (proven ROI of 5:1). For more information see:

For further details contact:

Dr Debbie Wake
Dr Debbie WakeFounder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer